Well, it’s now been almost a month and a half at my co-op placement, and financially things aren’t going as well for me as originally planned. It has really put me in between a rock and a hard place, and thus I will have to postpone, currently indefinitely my touch table. That was a project I really wanted to do, but as it is, I’m barely able to afford groceries once a week, let alone rent coming up at the end of the month. I just hope things take a turn for the best soon, or I will be in some serious trouble.

In better news, the work I am doing at my co-op with neuroLanguage is fantastic, such a great company and bunch of people. I’m doing relevant development work, which satiates my need for programming, and also has shown me a better way of thinking and programming. Quite fantastic really, and I’ve touched on every aspect from database administration, to programming, to team commits. Really has opened my eyes up to the rest of the world. I will take many things away from this co-op term, and hopefully it will improve my marks and my general working life skills.

In project news, I’ve decided to break down my original movie project into a more general database project (with the intent for doing movie, book, tv show, etc related listing and rating later on) and focus on some of the underlying technology ideas. What this includes is the regular expression generator, which is slowly progressing and getting refined (took a sideseat during my work term) and a natural language parser. Both are in progress, both have design documents ready to go, but it needs some time to develop and be perfected. It will be nice to finally work on a project big enough to be broken into sub-tasks.

Anyways, I will keep this updated as things unfold, and I will be putting up a Wiki site to keep track of my project progress as it goes. I can see this project being the one that sticks with me throughout the next couple years, whether it would be working on sub-components or developing full front-end work. If anyone is interested in working with me on this one, I will be providing moderator priviledge on the Wiki, and Team Commit on an SVN once the project reaches that state, and I would love this to become a team effort.