I hadn’t noticed that  the forum turned into a spam dump over the past week, and for those who might have been reading it and possibly have gotten offended, I apologize. I have taken the forum down for now since it seems that very few people were using it, but to those who were using it and left positive comments for me, thank you! It’d be great if you could leave comments on my main blog page and in the Coder’s Corner. I was just so shocked when I logged into the forum and saw that kind of spam. I promise it won’t happen again.

In other news, the past couple weeks have been quite crazy. Assignment after assignment and never seem to be making it anywhere. The upside is there should be some code snippets up in the repository sometime this evening from new projects, including C# and generating RPC capable code with rpcgen (in Linux) and using IDL files in Windows (.Net). Pretty exciting stuff. Other than that, I doubt that I will have much code to post as we move into the spring season, and thus exam time. My Java 2D game got approved for SourceForge, and soon the code will be up with full subversionning support! I look forward to this, because I would love to see the community contribute to the code, and fix what I obviously broke (or not so obviously haha). Anyways, I should be working on assignments as I post this, so I will leave you with this short update. Happy coding!