Well, as for many co-op students seeking employment in the spring, I have begun my epic job hunt. I spent the better part of the day tweaking resumes and cover letters and submitting to various companies and through the co-op service the university provides. I feel that I would be a valuable asset, as my programming and design projects are quite good.

Regardless, due to a life overload (Unreal! I have things to do constantly!)  some of my projects might get neglected. Not forgotten, but put on hold until I regain my weekends to tinker again (if only things like labs and assignments didn’t get in the way) there will unlikely be any significant progress on my projects. However, reading week will provide me with a nonstop week of anime and programming! There might be some updates coming up soon then. I have begun scripting my movie rating website, and am hoping to get a good chunk of it sorted out by the time the break comes. This will be my first venture into the concept of fully generic styling, with full multi-language support, so wish me luck.

Aside from that, as usual, I hope that people who stumble upon this website or who willingly come here will have some input. And do read my short Java paper, apparently it’s of acceptable quality based on a random sample of people who read it. Who knows, maybe I will get into technical writing yet.