Hey, sorry I haven’t had much of a chance to post in the last while, but there has been too much going on to remember to log some time on my blog! With that being said, I’ve decided to upgrade to the newest version of Wordpress, and by upgrade I mean take all my old content down and start from scratch. The site was starting to stagnate anyways, besides, this will give me a chance to try my hand at writing a Wordpress plugin again that might be of use (and not out of date). Some of the posts will be redone over time, as I actively start focusing on my projects again.

My first project priority will be a new project (I decided to put the CMS on hold after discovering some already existing fancy ones that do more than I needed, but that’s for another post) that I’ve dreamed up as of late. It’s going to be a movie database/user review site. I haven’t ever found a decent site for users to rate movies and make top 10 lists and write reviews, plus it will be a good project to get me back into PHP and XHTML. My hardware project is still in the design phase (mostly because I can’t find a decently priced supplier of the hardware components I need), but that project will be a bigger one once I get building. This school thing is what gets in my way of making progress on anything, haha.

Regardless, I hope you like the new (cleaner, more ‘secure’ apparently – like that ever lasts in web development) website. The forum still exists and the repository and other resources will all be linked up soon for you to enjoy. I’m also adding a Coder’s Corner section, where I can post awesome (in my mind anyways) snippets of code that I’ve produced over the years, and I will encourage readers to do the same! We’re all in this together, programming should be as collaborative as possible, regardless of where you are in the world.