So, surprisingly this week I have found some spare time, and what better to use it for than to work on my current priority project! I have begun development again for the movie website, starting with the login and listing scripts, which are probably the most complex and require the most need for security, so once I get those done I think I will be in the clear and back into easier code. So, maybe a subdomain will pop up sometime possibly even before Febuary with a semi functional site. Don’t expect it to look pretty or be really functional, but if you want to, you can start contributing to the movie database. That will take a while to grow, but I might as well start sooner than later.

And for all of you people who check the repository, I uploaded some of my older code, including the first iteration of the video game (well, the original iteration called Invasion) which was written in VB.Net! Which is incredible, and is kind of surprising that the code holds together. I had learned VB.Net in a week before starting the project in high school! I never knew I could learn a new language that quickly, though looking back, its obvious I hadn’t mastered it. I forgive myself though, considering it went from an idea to a finished product in under 3 months! I am pretty proud of that fact, and you can find the entire original project package at the subdomain in all its original completion glory!