The time has come Internet, we must stand united once more for our causes. Over the past several years, governments from around the world have been preparing in secrecy a plan for a global copyright and investigation model for the Internet. Behind closed doors they have discussed many things that the citizens of their respective countries won’t read or ever even hear about until it is far too late. ACTA, or the anti-counterfeiting trade agreement will likely not be passed with citizen or possibly even cabinet or senate consent in most countries, and for those that do, they probably won’t even get to see the entirety of the agreement.

This is not only a great infringement on our freedom as citizen of our respective countries, but also if allowed to pass freely a big step in the wrong direction for governmental power. True that the core of the document has been released, however its amendments and unique additions by particular countries are censored for fear of retribution and retaliation. Our inalienable right to free speech in most free countries are at risk, and by doing nothing we only encourage big government, and even government that transcends borders. Which is why I ask you all to do your part, review the facts, and act. Comment back, dispute my claim, prove me right provide evidence, be proactive and send a letter to your member of parliament or congressman. But please don’t do nothing.

I don’t mean to sound like doomsday is coming, but I do want to warn that the first step to losing your freedom is not asking the right questions and demanding answers from government, especially when they work in secrecy.