I Am an Inefficient Loop

Artificial intelligence, biology, and society.

  • Renovating Your House

    Of all the weird and wonderful analogies to building software that I’ve heard, the one that sticks with me is building a house. No analogy is perfect, and I’d love to see the Pub/Sub aisle at Home Depot, but it works well enough. The general contractor picks the right tools and frameworks for a solid foundation, skilled craftsman frame the necessary modules and services, some great trades wire and pipe everything together, and then a designer works to make it look and feel like home. At this point the projects are usually well scoped, and even if most projects feel agile, they’re still waterfall-ish in nature. The goal is still to have a house at the end of those iterations. What interests me is what comes after.

  • The Big Squeeze

    We are living in one of the most prosperous times in history, empowered by fantastic tools, well thought out processes, and connectivity that civilization has never enjoyed previously through the Internet. Yet with all of this unprecedented wealth and productivity, society seems to be suffering. Poor paying jobs, effective inflation that is far outpacing income, and unaffordable housing.

  • Did (A)I Write This?

    This is the first in a series of posts where I will explore the interaction between human creativity and artificially intelligent algorithms. For this post I explored the use of GPT-3, a deep learning model that is capable of producing human-like text. I produced the prompt (in bold), and provided a human touch through editing, but overall the content in this article is artifically generated.

  • Leaving Facebook Forever

    After some long thought on the matter, literally years at this point, I have decided to no longer support or participate in any Facebook-owned property including: Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Oculus VR. The evidence of psychological tampering and abuse at this point is irrefutable. The damage that Zuckerberg has done to society I feel is past the tipping point. Divides are deeper than ever, conspiracy theories run rampant and unchecked, while normal people and ideas are demoted out of timelines as they don’t generate enough attention for the algorithm.

  • Music Streaming Battle Royale

    tl;dr Apple Music suffers from only one problem: iTunes. YouTube Music feels half-baked at best.

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